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Regional Paramedical Services Aides in the move of Trinity Hospital

Regional Paramedical Services Welcomes UAB Medical West Freestanding Emergency Department

Regional Paramedical Services received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services.

Regional Paramedical Services welcomes new employees from Care Ambulance Service after the recent shut down of their operation in Northport, Alabama.

RPS seeks new computers for in the field
Regional Paramedical Services strives to provide high quality patient care in all areas of the company. By staying on the break of technology, RPS is able to reduce the amount of work placed on the paramedic and allow for more hands on patient care and better treatment for the patient. In the latest search for technology, RPS is looking to update their current in-vehicle laptops for a more mobile and rugged application. Motion Computing, manufacturer of the F5te Tablet is currently in the running as a prospective product. Being the contract ambulance service for Talladega Superspeedway, RPS sends many resources to accommodate the needs of the track and fulfill their part in making each spring and fall race a success. At the last race held October 20th, Motion Computing deployed 15 tablets to help equip RPS and allow their product to be fully put to the test. By December 2013, RPS hopes to make a final decision on which computer the company will purchase and distribute all units during the first quarter of next year.

RPS expands into the City of Bessemer

An open house and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Monday, November 11th by Regional Paramedical Services, Inc.  RPS proudly offers high quality patient care to all of the areas we serve and are happy to now serve the Bessemer Community.

Regional Paramedics attends Joint Leadership Development Conference for High School Students
Jefferson County's recent leadership conference at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex turned out 4,500 students and a large number of teachers, counselors, administrators and economic developers.  The two-day event on September 23rd and 24th was a huge success in preparing high school students for success in life, college and the work force.  Charles King - Marketing Manager, Eric Pendley - North District Manager and Kyle McDonnell - South District Manager of Regional Paramedics was honored to attend the event and share advice, experiences and options that the company offers for both employees and the communities we serve.

2013 ANHA Convention
Regional Paramedical Services was pleased to attend the 2013 Alabama Nursing Home Association's Annual Convention and Trade Show held at the Hyatt in Birmingham, Alabama held September 16-19. The trade show offered Nursing Home Administrators, Directors and other professional the opportunity to explore educational opportunities, new vendors and updates in their industry. Representatives from throughout the company enjoyed sharing the new technology and services offered by Regional Paramedics.

Regional Paramedical Services participate in National Night Out
National Night Out was held on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, this year marked the 30th Anniversary for the event designed to fight against various types of crime. Paramedics throughout the company turned out in various locations to help other agencies promote the event while educating the community on crime awareness, contacting 911 and what to do in an emergency.

Regional Paramedics in the News
Alabama Paramedics Using New Heart Monitors
JEMS (September 12, 2013) - Walker County medics now equipped with Zoll X-Series heart monitors
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RPS gains new tool in effort to save more lives
Jasper, AL (September 3, 2013) - Regional Paramedical Services has recently added a new tool it hopes will lessen the damage done during a heart attack. The company purchased 40 new Zoll X-Series heart monitors to be used in all five counties the company services. <<<View More>>>

Bomb threat forces evacuation of Walker Baptist Medical Center
Jasper, AL (July 6, 2013) - An early-morning bomb threat led to a mass evacuation of Walker Baptist Medical Center Friday. Just after 8:30 Friday morning, an anonymous call was placed to Walker County E-911 that said a bomb had been placed inside the hospital. A separate threat indicated a bomb was put on a bridge or overpass along Ala. 69 Highway. <<<View More>>>

RPS/UAB conducting new trauma trial in Walker County
Jasper, AL (June 11, 2012) - Walker County is going to be included in a trauma trial being conducted by Regional Paramedical Services and the University of Alabama at Birmingham on behalf of the National Institutes of Health. <<<View More>>>

RPS owners credit growth to community support
Jasper, AL (June 11, 2012)When Regional Paramedical Services was founded in July of 1987, the company had a staff of eight people and a fleet of two ambulances. In the last 25 years, RPS has grown significantly, now boasting more than 500 employees and 100 ambulances. John L. Wills, president and one of the founders of Jasper-based RPS, said he would have never expected that kind of growth in the company’s early days. <<<View More>>>

Stolen urn returned to family
Jasper, AL (December 3, 2010) - An urn that was found by paramedics two weeks ago on Arkadelphia Road has been returned to its owner. Dora Wensel said the ashes inside the small blue urn belong to her mother, Sara Whitaker, who passed away on Mother’s Day at age 81. <<<View More>>>

Paramedics find lost urn, ashes
Jasper, AL (December 1, 2010) - Two local paramedics stumbled upon an urn with ashes in it when responding to a call last week. Tracey Pilkington of Regional Paramedical Services said she and her partner, Ralph Glover, were waiting for law enforcement officers to secure a scene on Nov. 21 because of a violent patient when Glover saw something on the side of Arkadelphia Road. <<<View More>>>

RPS taking part in UAB test study
Jasper, AL (January 25, 2008)
Regional Paramedical Services is participating in a study with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to test new cardiac arrest treatments on patients before they reach the hospital. <<<View More>>>

Regional Paramedical Services celebrate 20 years in business
Jasper, AL (July 28, 2007) - On Friday, Regional Paramedical Services, Inc. (RPS) celebrated its 20th year of providing Walker and surrounding counties with reliable advanced life support ambulance services. <<<View More>>>