Regional Paramedical Services Employment Process

Regional Paramedical Services hires qualified professionals who are willing to help us maintain our goals and achieve our visions. It is our positive commitment to provide Quality service to each community that has made us what we are today. Constant assessment and change will be the foundation for our success. RPS passes along to future generations the traditions, values, knowledge and determination that have moved our company forward.

All qualified applicants are required to fill out an application for employment, as well as an investigation consent form.

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Once you have completed the form, you can send it to us, along with your resume and any current certifications you have, via email or fax 205-384-9710.

After the application is received, it will be distributed from the HR department to the department best suited. If there are any available positions that meet your qualifications, the manager of that area will contact you to set up an interview.

Applicants, who are considered for the open position after the interview, will be required to pass a drug screen test, and their background check must be received with no discrepancies. Once all of these requirements have been met, you will be scheduled for orientation and training. Proof of licensure in the state of Alabama, as well as any required certifications will be required before attending orientation.